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Why I Teach...

Teaching is my passion, my life, and my calling. I spent 10 years teaching high school and decided that I truly love working with individuals, one-on-one, to help them pursue excellence in vocal performance.

Below, you'll find some information about how I teach, what I teach, and why it matters.



In lessons, we focus on developing your technique through proven and pedagogically sound practices. We will spend a substantial amount of time on building and understanding healthy habits, while also developing an awareness of the moving pieces of the vocal tract and how they work for (and against) your instrument.


In a standard 30 minute lesson, we will spend 15-20 minutes on developing technique, employing a variety of methods to strengthen not only the instrument itself, but your working knowledge of your instrument.

With continued study, one can expect to:

  • Increase healthy range

  • Increase power and resonance

  • Eliminate vocal and bodily tension

  • Develop proper breath support

  • Smooth and understand 'breaks' in the voice and learn how to navigate through them

  • Strengthen and develop a healthy Broadway 'belt' and mix

  • Gain confidence for the stage or auditions

  • Develop musicianship and artistry through proven 'Acting Songs' techniques

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Discover YOUR voice...your instrument free from tension, imitation, or pressure.




Singing is one of the most vulernable acts a person can do with another person. Singing is such a unique art form, in that it is the only art form that comes from inside the body. As singers, often times we equate our own self worth with the quality of our voice. We want to love what we hear and we develop insecurities and fears when we don't. As a voice teacher, I believe it is essential to work on the whole person, not just the voice. Singing technique only improves as people put aside their fears - fear of making mistakes, fear of sounding bad, fear of hearing their own voice - and commit wholly to improvement. Confidence building is challenging...and one can only build confidence with repeated success...and repeated success only comes with repeated genuine attempts. We have to get comfortable with's how we learn!

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